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Transform automotive mobility with us.

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What’s in it for you

CARIAD offers you the unique opportunity to transform automotive mobility for the better. Working on a scalable software platform and digital functions that will be used in over 9 million new cars per year, you have the chance to be part of a company that’s making a difference in the automotive industry.

Your talent will complement a team of around 6,000 experts and developers with an incredible wealth of knowledge. As part of a transparent, collaborative and diverse culture, you’ll continuously learn from others, while gaining further support through our annual professional development program. What’s more, you’ll benefit from flexible hours, remote work, 30 days paid leave and an attractive competence-based remuneration system.

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How we work

We respect and trust each other’s independence and accountability, reflected in agile working models and competence-based decision-making. We enable growth opportunities, encourage experiments and inspire curiosity. We value personal attitudes and skill sets, allowing everyone to play their part in the evolution of our company. We value openness, transparency, accessibility and cooperation with direct and constructive feedback. We are dynamic pioneers and apply smart creativity to find transformative solutions.

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What drives us

At CARIAD, we are bringing together the brightest digital minds to transform automotive mobility and reshape the automotive experience. We share the belief that it’s time to challenge the status quo of the industry. We think that tomorrow’s mobility should be sustainable, safe and comfortable – for everyone. We believe that software has the potential to change the automotive industry for the better. This is because we don’t just see a car, we see the ultimate mobile and digital device. We don’t see a vehicle. We see an experience.  

Where women can thrive

It doesn’t matter whether you're just beginning your career or are already an experienced leader – at CARIAD, we value expertise and personality above all else, and we're committed to providing the respect and opportunities that you deserve. But who are we to tell you all this? Listen to those who experience it every day: our women in tech at CARIAD.

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Your path to CARIAD

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Join one of our core development teams at CARIAD

Bring higher levels safety and comfort to the road. Work towards Level 4 automated driving and transform the vehicle experience for millions of drivers worldwide.
Collaborate with engineering experts at Bosch and accelerate the development of automated driving. Be part of a partnership unlike any other in the automotive industry.
Design the future electric drivetrain and develop electronic functions of the Volkswagen Group. Drive forward the electric vehicles of the future.
Develop a next-level infotainment system and transform the car into a third digital living space. Turn the driver of today into the passenger of tomorrow.
Specify, develop and test our future electronics architecture. Build a strong hardware foundation to support our game-changing vehicle software.
Power data-driven development like never before. Work on our advanced Big Loop system to collect corner cases and improve automated driving functions.
Keep the car up to date for years to come. Extend the lifetime of the car not just with system updates, but also with entirely new and exciting features.

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      Our Locations

      At CARIAD, around 6,000 international developers, engineers and scientists work in software competence centers in Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt, the area of Stuttgart, Berlin and Munich, and are closely co-operating with development teams in US, China, India and Estonia.

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