Digital Business & Mobility Services

We're going beyond driving functions, developing digital features like One.Shop and the CARIAD App Toolkit to continue the user experience outside and around the car.

Digital business & mobility services

At CARIAD, we’re already developing software solutions to enhance the driving experience – but we're not stopping there. With our digital business and mobility services, we’re also creating an entirely new user experience around the car, too. One.Shop, for example, provides a uniform basis to allow all Volkswagen Group brands to create their own web shops. Here, customers can buy and lease vehicles, as well as aftersales products like wall boxes, and even book repair services. In addition, the CARIAD App Toolkit creates a standardized architecture for mobile, customer-facing features like vehicle charging or connectivity features.

Working on these digital services, you’ll help to achieve a new level of comfort and convenience. You won't just be developing single pieces of technology, but solutions that will completely redefine the way that one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers interacts with its customers.

Would you like to know more? Learn from Anton what it means to work on Digital Business & Mobility Services at CARIAD.

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