Intelligent Data Aggregation

Leveraging the entire connected Volkswagen Group fleet, we’ll gather real-world traffic data to continuously train and develop highly automated driving functions.

Intelligent data aggregation

In traditional data collection, every single bit of data detected by the vehicle’s sensors is recorded and manually transferred to a central storage location on a daily basis. But this approach is very expensive and extremely inefficient. So, at CARIAD, we’re doing things differently. Our solution is the Big Loop – an intelligent, AI-powered data aggregation system that filters data and records only what’s valuable to our developers.

Working on this system, you’ll support our vehicles – fitted with sensors and high-performance computers – in analyzing sensor data in real time and detecting so-called ‘corner cases’. By helping to identify these rare, unpredictable events on the road, you’ll support the training and development of highly automated driving functions. In the future, the entire Volkswagen Group fleet will be connected to the Big Loop. Help us to detect unknown unknowns and power data-driven development like never before.

Learn from Liang what it means to work on Intelligent Data Aggregation at CARIAD. 

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