Our Board

Get to know our leadership team, consisting of renowned software, digitization and automotive experts from inside and outside Volkswagen Group.

Dirk Hilgenberg

Dirk Hilgenberg, CEO

Dirk Hilgenberg joined CARIAD in August 2020 and is a senior leader in the automotive industry with a more than 28 years of international experience in the fields of information technology, software and manufacturing. His ability to anticipate the next level of innovation and transform automotive organizations accordingly has been the foundation for his strong record in turnaround and transformation projects in the industry.

Werner Neuhold

Werner Neuhold, CFO

Werner Neuhold took over the role of Chief Financial Officer in October 2020 and is bringing great international financial experience to the board. Based on his experience and due to his previous positions as Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President Integrity, Compliance, Risk Management at AUDI AG during the Monitorship, he understands the importance of creating the most effective framework for all teams while at the same time shaping a common value set for CARIAD.

Rainer Zugehör

Rainer Zugehör, CPO

Rainer Zugehör became Chief People Officer of CARIAD in April 2021. His extensive know how in building agile organizational structures supports the cultural transformation. Until recently, he worked in his own international software company, which he has founded in 2006.