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We transform automotive mobility.

We believe that it is time to reshape the automotive experience for everyone, everywhere.

We are building the leading tech stack for the automotive industry to make automotive mobility safer, more sustainable and more comfortable in a new way. 

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We are an automotive software company that bundles together Volkswagen Group's software competencies and further expands them, building upon a heritage of bringing automotive innovation to everyone.

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Our solutions

We are building a unified technology and software platform, including a vehicle OS, vehicle cloud platform and a new unified architecture for all of Volkswagen Group’s brands.

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Latest News

  • digital screen with apps in a vehicle
    CARIAD and HARMAN announce growing ecosystem with new apps
    CARIAD, alongside HARMAN, today announced new collaborations across key industries to enrich the in-cabin experience with newly available apps. New additions to the Group Application Store include and Tennis TV.
  • digital screen in a vehicle with apps
    How to bring your app into Volkswagen Group vehicles
    The Group Application Store seamlessly integrates popular and useful Android Automotive apps into the infotainment system. Learn how your app can become part of the ecosystem of one of the biggest vehicle fleets worldwide.
  • Network and screen communication
    How AI powers the digital in-car experience
    Digital assistants are becoming the central touchpoint in the car, with AI as the technological force behind it. How do machine learning and ChatGPT make interaction with the car more intuitive, more personal and safer?