Hi. We are CARIAD.

We continuously invent. We realize the unthinkable. We grow beyond ourselves and shape the mobility of tomorrow. Ready to start your new career? Apply now.

girl working on a laptop indside of a car

Make beautiful cars pretty smart

What’s a disruptive thought without a chance to realize it? At CARIAD, you can  develop state-of-the-art software for beautiful cars from brands like Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen. And, you can make the most of your ideas. Like implementing Level 4 automated driving technology, building an infotainment system from scratch or creating a new kind of cockpit. We're developing smart software built on futureproof hardware. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, we’re both established and new. Here, your ideas have funding, your thoughts have reach. Sound pretty good to you? Then get on board.


Make millions of drivers happy

Imagine the world of mobility in 2030. There are more sustainable electric vehicles on the streets than ever before. And now imagine more than 40 million vehicles moving along with a piece of your code. On all continents. Almost silently, safer and more comfortable than ever. With a smile on their drivers’ face. Because you helped build that new operating system, assist system, or automotive cloud. Does that idea excite you? Then, let’s start building the future together.

man with a laptop inside of a car

Develop anti-aging treatments for cars

To reinvent the car as we know it, updates alone are not enough. Sure, you can write the code for new and exciting vehicle functions with us. For performance boosts. Or security makeovers. We do love a good over-the-air update ourselves. But in the end, we want software that changes mobility from the ground up. For more livable cities, a healthier environment, simply for a better future. Too ambitious? Well…that’s why we’re asking you to join us.

two people with a laptop in front of a car

Team up with the brightest minds

The people at CARIAD are true experts. Why? Because they’ve never stopped growing. They know that people who want to change the world are better off starting with themselves. That’s why we look at our workplace as a playground. You can join professional development programs, try new things, and grow beyond yourself. We're looking for someone with the right mindset who is ready to support us as we build a brighter future for everyone. Check out our benefits and join our experts!

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