Software is key

The world needs a new automotive mobility. What has the potential to make it more sustainable – saving precious resources? Safer – faced with congested cities and still too many car accidents? And more comfortable – enabling digital life in your car, seamless and always connected? The answer is: software.

One software platform does it all.

The car of the future is driven by data. Data shows us what the driver wants, or which route saves the most energy. And data helps to steer and park the car safely. To handle this huge amount of data, we are changing the game – and unifying all the necessary hardware and software into one platform.

One platform changes your car experience.

Your car will be your chauffeur.
Your car will be your chauffeur.
Your car will park itself.
Your car will park itself.
Your car anticipates your wishes.
Your car anticipates your wishes.
Your ride becomes safer.
Your ride becomes safer.

One software platform. Three layers.

Our groundbreaking tech stack consists of three layers: hardware, software, and applications. It includes our own operating system and cloud. This architecture reduces complexity, streamlines development, enables seamless integration, and minimizes security risks.

Futureproof Hardware

The hardware includes cameras, sensors, and actuators, collecting plenty of data. Intelligent controllers ensure everything works flawlessly together.

Unified Software

The software uses our own operating system and is connected to our global cloud. Their interplay keeps the car constantly up-to-date with the newest features.

Innovative Applications

The applications enable all the features the car provides – from the intelligent personal assistant via connected infotainment to automated driving.

One software platform. Lots of benefits.

Constant and efficient updatability enables attractive vehicles and the best, always fresh customer experience.
The seamless software platform and intelligent data analysis speed up development and time to market.
The digital platform suits any car model - from entry-level to top-end. Applications can easily be customized.
One unified platform reduces complexity - and less hardware reduces costs and weight.
Customer orientation
Data-oriented development helps us to learn from and react to customers’ needs and desires.
New revenue streams
Car brands can generate new digital business models – from after sales to monetizing data or third-party apps.

One software platform. Many careers.

We are a fast-growing, global company that believes in the power of software to transform automotive mobility – and we’re looking for people who think the same way.