Our Benefits

On this page, you can learn about the benefits that await you at CARIAD, including flexible hours, remote work, 30 days paid leave, an attractive competence-based remuneration system and support through our annual professional development program.

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Hey, builders of tomorrow!

While you’re helping us shape the future of automotive mobility, we want to help you shape your own future. We want to offer you benefits to help you grow and fulfill yourself. We want you to feel appreciated, healthy and happy. Oh, and we also want you to stay with us for a long time!


Work life as you know it is over.

We want to transform work into something you love. That’s why we grant 30 days paid leave per year, as well as 10 unpaid days. We do this because we’re sure your work isn’t the only thing you love. And, because even the happiest employees sometimes need to discover new inspiration: we also offer you a sabbatical, prefinanced by us and up to 6 months long.

Choose your working hours.

Most of our 6,000+ employees work the regular 35-hour week. But you can choose 28 hours, if you like. You know what’s best for you and your future you. Sure, you can work 40 hours, if that’s what you need. We’re flexible and we trust you!

Work wherever it suits you.

With CARIAD spheres, we have a flexible multi-space concept that provides you with the ideal environment, no matter how or where you choose to work. Comprised of various ‘zones’ tailored to specific needs and activities, you can enjoy the benefits of a community while having enough space for your own way of working.

Of course, we understand that your ideal desk may not be in the office. That’s why we offer remote work not only over Germany, but also abroad. As a CARIDIAN, you can work remotely in the entire European Union as well as in China and India. You can spend up to 20 days per year in each country.

Our developers can develop themselves.

While designing a unified technology and software platform for the Volkswagen Group universe, we want you to keep broadening your own horizon, too. With our annual professional development program, we keep your future career on track so that you can grow with us.

It’s more than just the money.

Of course, as a CARIAD employee, you have an attractive salary. And with our competence-based remuneration system, you know that you’re earning what you truly deserve. But we know you expect more than that. Meaningful and innovative projects, for example, or the chance to be part of a company that’s making a difference in the automotive industry. You do it for the impact.

But special rates for a new Volkswagen are also nice to have, right? Or what about our great company pension plan? We make financial contributions to it and you can adjust it to your needs.

Something for everyone: respect.

As a company working on a better future, we believe in respect. At CARIAD, we embrace open-minded and diverse teams, where your background, skin color, sexual orientation or religion make no difference to how you’re treated. You can enjoy communication at eye-level and a transparent, collaborative culture.  

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