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Every day, we learn, unlearn and learn again. We continue creating with deeper expertise. We always seek greater knowledge and combine our curiosity with purpose: moving the needle forward in automotive mobility. Who are we? Take a closer look.

ONE CARIAD software platform


VW Group brands

We’re joining forces with renowned brands to bring one unified software platform to millions of vehicles around the world. Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, SEAT, Škoda, CUPRA, Lamborghini and Bentley. These nine core Volkswagen Group brands trust CARIAD to take driving to the next digital level.

CARIAD worldwide



Our tech teams are spread across three regions. With offices designed to inspire innovation and action, we invite you to come over and join the CARIDIANs who share the enthusiasm of transforming the car from a vehicle into an experience. Meet us in:

Europe, USA and China

CARIAD employees

6,000+ that’s not just a number. It’s our highest score yet.

Thousands of innovative minds at CARIAD are raring to reshape automotive mobility. Their determination fosters a culture of creativity, making it even more exciting to experience our combined strength in action! 

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