Let's grow together: Become a CARIAD employee in just three days

What are the characteristics of an outstanding candidate journey? Speed, transparency and efficiency. Often, it’s the speed that ends in a test of patience in the application process. With the Recruiting Event, CARIAD is reducing the process and showing the advantages of an agile tech company.

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The reactions speak for themselves. "Really great, keep up the good work", "thank you very much for this great recruiting event", and “a unique opportunity to learn more about the company". This was the feedback from most of the 203 participants at the second virtual Recruiting Event, which took place at CARIAD from 19 to 21 July. 

Over the course of three days, candidates could participate in the event online and learn about CARIAD's vision and attend technical presentations. At the same time, they had the opportunity to introduce themselves as potential employees at CARIAD through a personal job interview. Those who received positive feedback here were then able to start contract talks straight away. After consultation with the CARIAD Works Council, the candidates received a Letter of Intent (LOI) – a preliminary contract to the employment contract – within a very short time of one to two days.

Inspiring digital talent

146 interviews have been conducted by HR and the Business Units, and over 118 LOIs have already been sent out as a result of the event. This makes an important contribution to CARIAD's goal of achieving transformation of mobility through steady growth and by securing lots of digital talent. This forward-looking vision is probably just as much a reason for the great interest of the applicants as the many advantages of working at CARIAD. The inspiring Tech Talks by 15 CARIAD employees and managers on various topics such as automated driving, agile working and system engineering also made an important contribution to the success of the event: "It was highly informative to be there for all three days," was the feedback from most participants.

Such a format demonstrates how the work processes at CARIAD interlock with each other and the passion with which people work here – this is a team achievement. "Like in the previous Recruiting Events, the members of our Personnel Committees once again provided great support", emphasized Stefan Henze, Chairman of the CARIAD Group Works Council. “Of course, an event like this always remains a balancing act between the speed of the process and the general well-being of our colleagues, to whom we as Works Council are particularly committed.”

Due to the great success of this innovative format, the next recruiting event is already being planned. "We want to combine the consistently positive experiences from the last two events with the upcoming IAA in Munich to make the candidate journey even more interesting," says Christoph Steinberg, Head of Recruiting.




CARIAD Media Team

CARIAD Media Team