Become a pioneer: Apply for the A. Lovelace Trainee Program 2022

Get the space to mold your own ideas and further development, become part of an innovative team and help shape the future of mobility: from October 1, 2022, this could be your everyday reality – as an A. Lovelace Trainee at CARIAD!  

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Ada Lovelace was a true visionary in a field that was still unexplored at that time in history. With courage, curiosity and the conviction that she had made a decisive discovery for the future, she recognized the importance and scope of computing machines as early as the 1840s. To this day, Ada Lovelace is considered the pioneer of programming language and has proven that tech issues and challenges can only be solved through diversity. More than 180 years later, however, diversity is still a rarity in tech companies. And we want to change that!

Diversity as the key to success  

Inspired by Ada Lovelace's life story, we launched our trainee program in October 2021 with eleven pioneers chosen to develop together – and it was a success.


I find it very exciting to contribute to mobility in the automotive industry and help make driving safer, more comfortable and more sustainable. The A.Lovelace Trainee Program is a great opportunity to develop personally and professionally and to find your ‘own place’ at CARIAD.

Anna Nittke

Anna Nittke

Trainee 2021

CARIAD stands for innovation and lived progress, which is reflected in this trainee program. This year, we will once again give tech talents the opportunity to start their careers at CARIAD. In doing so, our A.Lovelace Trainee Program is all about diversity. For us, this means – among other things – promoting a higher quota of women in the global tech and automotive industry.  

Network, develop, feedback: The trainee program at a glance Network, develop, feedback: The trainee program at a glance

What awaits you as a trainee with us? 

Within 12 months, after an onboarding week, you will work in various departments and take on your first projects. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to work at locations worldwide (e.g. in the USA, China, etc). Visits to other brands and subsidiaries are also an integral part of the program. We also organize regular trainee rounds, as well as networking events and input talks. Here, you can discuss current topics with colleagues and network with international and intercultural teams across the Group.  

Feedback, as well as personal and professional development, are also an integral part of our corporate culture. Each trainee therefore receives individual support and guidance from a mentor. Seminars and training sessions round off the program, conducted by experienced experts who will make you professionally fit for the future and your job profile, but who will also support you in your personal development and in learning agile organizational methods such as Scrum or SAFe. 

However, our program schedule is not set in stone. Ultimately, your individual project area determines which stages are the most necessary for your personal and professional development. 


I like the rotations in various departments. It helps to get a deep dive into what you could be working on after the traineeship. I also find the mentorship extremely valuable. The mentor's experience and guidance certainly help in technical aspects and personal growth.

Niharika Shahane 

Niharika Shahane 

Trainee 2021

You want to become an A. Lovelace trainee – but how do you apply? 

To take off together professionally, register via our online application portal and submit your application for the specialist cluster that appeals to you most. If you impress us, we will invite you to interviews with the corresponding project area. And in a second step, you will also talk with our HR department. If everything fits, you can start your traineeship with us on October 1st, 2022! 


The application process was characterized by a relaxed atmosphere, good communication and quick feedback. I also found it exciting to talk to my future boss and learn more about the planned activities.

Anna Nittke

Anna Nittke

Trainee 2021

Are you ready? 

What matters to us is that you fit into the CARIDIAN team and bring innovative thinking to the table. A Bachelor's and/or Master's degree with a tech focus is great, but not a must. We also welcome career starters (with a maximum of 1 year of job experience) or applicants with comparable skills and knowledge. In addition, the following topics are important to us: 

  • enjoyment in shaping transformation
  • openness for agile and creative processes
  • independent and committed way of working
  •  strong understanding of and interest in promoting diversity, interculturality and networking.
  • being an ambassador for these topics within and outside of CARIAD

I would recommend the traineeship to any young professional who has a general interest in automobiles and software development as well as learning new software tools.

Nicolas Hain

Nicolas Hain

Trainee 2021

Any questions? Come and talk to us!

Would you like to meet our previous trainees and learn more about working at CARIAD? Then make sure to be at the CARIAD TRAINEESIGHTS on May 18! During this online event, you can exchange ideas with colleagues from different areas about topics and projects and get an insight into the daily work of our trainees. So save the date and be like Ada – pave the way for more diversity in tech! 

  • May 18, 2022
  • 17:30-19:00 (UTC+01:00)

FAQs A.Lovelace Trainee Program

Who is CARIAD's A. Lovelace Traineeship aimed at?

Only one in seven applications for a position in the tech industry in Germany comes from a woman. That's why we focus our trainee program on female talent, in order to specifically promote women in the tech sector and bring them on board. For us, however, this is just one step toward more diversity. That's why we also welcome applications from applicants who are not female or identify as female.  

How long does the A. Lovelace Traineeship last and when does it start?

As a trainee, you will complete a development program that lasts a total of 12 months. The new generation of trainees always starts on October 1 every year. 

What are the requirements for applicants?

Ideally, you should have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in fields of study with a tech focus. For example, in: Automotive Engineering, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Computer Science, Mathematics and others.  But even without a degree, you are welcome to join us if you have comparable education or expertise.  You should be open to agile and creative ways of working and show extraordinary commitment in technical as well as interdisciplinary activities. Our trainees should also have a strong understanding of and interest in promoting diversity, interculturality and networking in order to promote these issues as ambassadors within and outside CARIAD. 

What can you expect as a trainee at CARIAD?

During the program, you will visit different departments at CARIAD and possibly across the Group. In addition to the target department, you will get to know at least two other departments intensively and actively work on various projects there.  

Possible topics are Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Product/Portfolio Management, Agile Development and many more. In addition to the technical know-how, you can network in a variety of ways: in your own department, with other VW brands such as Porsche, VW or Audi through plant visits and business trips to our international locations and subsidiaries, e.g. China or USA.

At which CARIAD locations will the trainees be deployed?

Your deployment depends on the choice of departments, which can be located at any CARIAD site, such as Berlin, Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt, Munich or Mönsheim/Stuttgart. It is best to discuss the exact location with your future manager in an interview.

How can I apply?

To apply for our A.Lovelace traineeship at CARIAD, you first need to create a user profile. This way you can view your application at any time. 

An application is only possible when the job posting is online. A speculative application or an application by e-mail is currently not possible.

Which documents are required?

Please upload your current CV, a video showing your motivation for the A. Lovelace Traineeship, your transcript and relevant certificates.   

Consider your application as a first personal meeting with us. Show us what professional focus you are passionate about and how your qualifications match the requirements of the position.

When will I receive feedback on my application?

Our recruiting team wants to provide you with the best application process possible. Therefore, we strive to provide you with feedback as soon as possible. Please note that due to the high number of applications, this process can sometimes take more time than expected. 

What is the application process?
  • Application via the CARIAD website 
  • Screening by Recruiting and Business Unit 
  • Technical interview 
  • HR interview 
  • Conclusion of contract

The first step in the application process is to get to know you and to explain in detail who we are and what we do. After submitting your application via our job portal, you will immediately receive a confirmation. If this confirmation does not arrive in your inbox as soon as possible, please check whether it has accidentally landed in your spam folder. We will check your application immediately and get in touch with you as soon as possible to give you concrete feedback. 

If your application is convincing, you will be interviewed by the relevant department and the HR department.  We inform our applicants promptly after the interviews about our decision. If you are a professional and personal fit for CARIAD, you will receive a call from a colleague in our HR department. We will discuss the contractual framework with you and explain the next steps so that you can start with us on 01.10.2022.

What are the benefits?

We want to offer you an environment that promotes you and helps you grow and realize your potential. To that end, we offer 30 days of paid vacation per year. Our mandatory flextime model also allows you to structure your 35-hour work week to fit your life – whether mobile from home or from the office.  But your future is also important to us. That's why we take care of a company pension plan for you.

What salary do I receive as a trainee?

We will be happy to discuss the exact details of your salary in a contract meeting after you have successfully completed the application process.

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Please contact us at the following e-mail address: AdaLovelace.Traineeship@cariad.technology 

We will get back to you as soon as possible.  

CARIAD Media Team

CARIAD Media Team