As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to our customers, we are excited to inform you that all business operations related to Project SUSAN have been transferred from CARIAD to Digiteq Automotive. This strategic shift marks a new era for the SUSAN product line, aligning with our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch products and services.


Key Points of Transition

1. Discontinuation of SUSAN Product Offers by CARIAD:

CARIAD will no longer provide new offers for the SUSAN product portfolio. Any outstanding offers from CARIAD for SUSAN products have been officially cancelled.

2. Warranty Assurance:

Rest assured, all warranties for SUSAN products purchased from CARIAD will be honoured. For warranty-related inquiries, customers can reach out to us via

3. Future Software Updates:

Exciting developments are underway at Digiteq Automotive, with future software updates for the SUSAN product line already in progress. Users with specific feature requests or requirements are encouraged to contact Roman Weisser (, the Product Owner at Digiteq Automotive, for assistance.

4. Contact for New Offers:

For customers seeking offers on SUSAN products, we invite you to connect with Digiteq Automotive via

5. Customer Support:

Users in need of support and assistance with SUSAN products are urged to contact Digiteq Automotive's support team at


We extend our deepest gratitude to our customers, users, partners, and stakeholders for their unwavering trust and support throughout the years. The CARIAD team takes immense pride in developing and serving the SUSAN product portfolio, offering innovative solutions that simplify complex challenges in the automotive industry.

We are confident that Digiteq Automotive, with its expertise and dedication, will carry forward this legacy. Both CARIAD and Digiteq Automotive teams have collaborated seamlessly to ensure a smooth transition for all involved parties.


For More Information and New Product Offers:

Visit Digiteq Automotive's products page to explore the latest offerings.

For any questions, concerns, or additional information regarding this transition, our teams are ready to assist. We look forward to the continued success and growth of the SUSAN product line under the stewardship of Digiteq Automotive.