SUSAN – Empowering Developers

Original hardware for implementing and testing software components isn’t always available, or is only available in small quantities. Nevertheless, stages of development still need to be verified and provided to original parts manufacturers. CARIAD solves this problem with the Simulation Unit for Security in Automotive Network product range, or SUSAN for short.


SUSAN advanced

SUSAN advanced allows developers to implement and test active anti-theft software without the need for a vehicle or components as counterparts. The solution can simulate parts of the immobilizer (generation 6), component protection (generation 3) and clamp control.

For optimum usability, SUSAN advanced features an integrated web interface alongside traditional display and keyboard input options, as well as a remote control access for automation systems. This allows users to comfortably control and configure the system, as well as carry out error analysis, via a web browser. SUSAN advanced is a modular system and is constantly being expanded with new functions. In addition to standard software, customer-specific software components can also be developed and integrated.

Cryptographic Modules

Cryptographic modules allow confidential vehicle information to be used in the development stage just as they are in production. A cryptographic module contains all necessary data of a vehicle listed in the vehicle register and in the central identification tool. Developers can simulate different vehicles and functions by applying different cryptographic modules.

With SUSAN, customers save both time and money.

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SUSAN advanced

Current documentation relating to SUSAN advanced can be found here.

SUSAN connect

Current documentation relating to SUSAN connect can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact our team.

Cryptographic Module

The current documentation for the cryptography module can be found here.