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Evaluating the User Experience with Virtual Reality

What if virtual reality was used for user tests in the automotive industry? We have talked about how user tests in a virtual reality environment can benefit software development with Nina Cesur, Function & Concept Engineer ADAS/AD at CARIAD.

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User tests are an integral part of software development. With Virtual Reality (VR) testing, users can interact directly with the technology in a virtual reality environment instead of viewing concepts on a computer screen and not getting a feeling for the environment in which they interact with the system. 

One use case for VR testing at CARIAD is Automated Valet Parking (AVP). In this case, VR testing helps to carry out user tests without having to be in a real parking environment. Compared to classic driving simulators, the technology has the advantage that test users can get out of the car and still remain in the virtual environment.

Test users for the AVP function were asked to perform a complete handover of the car to the parking facility. This means, they gave full responsibility for parking the vehicle to the AVP function in the VR simulation.


Carrying out user tests in a VR simulation helps to speed up the development process with lower costs compared to tests in the real world.

Nina Cesur

Nina Cesur

Function & Concept Engineer ADAS/AD

Which potential do you see for virtual reality testing for automotive software development?

CARIAD Media Team

CARIAD Media Team