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CARIAD introduces secure Docker containers to software development

CARIAD and Docker have teamed up to create a secure and compliant development environment based on container technology that ensures compatibility across different hardware platforms.

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Cariad and Docker

Docker makes it possible to create lean and portable containers. Applications can be executed in these containers in isolation from their environment. Developed by Docker Inc., the Docker Engine (dockerd) is provided as open source software. This technology allows complete tool chains to be encapsulated and reproducibly moved back and forth between different environments.

Use of Docker at CARIAD

The PMT (Process, Methods, and Tools) Software Factory team, led by Julius and Valentin Pravtchev, achieved a significant milestone by enabling the use of Docker on the Windows Group Office Clients (GOCs) for CARIAD across the Volkswagen Group for the first time. 

In collaboration with Docker, CARIAD has created a comprehensive security concept and a white paper that serves as a guide and manual for the introduction and operation of the tool beyond CARIAD.

The team continues to work on optimizing their solution, especially with regard to the upcoming migration to Windows 11 and the use of Windows Containers on the GOCs. In addition, they support various development teams in the creation and development of build containers."

"With Docker, we can ensure that our developers always work with the same tools and versions. This not only saves time, but also significantly reduces the risk of compatibility issues,” says Julius Pravtchev, Senior DevOps at CARIAD.

At CARIAD, this means that the tools required in the current developer project are preconfigured and provided in isolation in a container. Instead of reinstalling and configuring all the tools for each employee, a container is managed that is tailored precisely to the project. Security vulnerabilities only need to be identified and fixed once, so that all employees can simply use the updated Docker container update.

Containers are a standard tool in every development phase and in numerous projects at CARIAD. They make it possible to virtualize the necessary tools and configurations in advance and make them available in a reproducible manner, enabling direct use without additional configuration effort.


The introduction of Docker at CARIAD has revolutionized our development and deployment processes. We can iterate faster and work more securely now.

Valentin Pravtchev

Valentin Pravtchev

Senior DevOps at CARIAD

"During our collaboration, we were impressed by the technical depth that the CARIAD team possesses. Whether troubleshooting network connectivity issues in the enterprise environment or precise technical issues on both, a solution was always found. This is the key foundation to effectively tailoring these containers to the high demands of enterprises and taking their development process to new levels of efficiency and performance,” says Fazlan Nazeem, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Docker Inc.

Advantages of Docker

The use of Docker leads to considerable efficiency and security gains and shortens development and deployment cycles in automotive software development. Here are some of the main problems that Docker solves:

  • Compatibility issues: “Docker containers” run on any system with Docker, which eliminates compatibility issues between different environments. Developers work with a consistent set of tools and versions, allowing dependencies and security risks to be identified more quickly.
  • Complex configurations: Docker relieves developers of many complicated configuration tasks, making development easier, more efficient and faster.
  • Security risks: Although applications run in isolated containers, their operation requires security mechanisms, which Docker integrates easily and efficiently.
  • Shortening development cycles: Faster iterations and testing are possible because deploying applications in containers takes less time.
  • Improve global collaboration: Teams can work together more easily as Docker containers can be shared and run consistently across different locations.
  • Promote innovation: Developers can focus on innovation as they spend less time solving environmental issues.

The complete white paper can be downloaded here:

CARIAD Media Team

CARIAD Media Team