Webinar about Rust

Rust: A game changer in automotive software development


What’s the event about?

In this live webinar on Rust, the panelists will cover key topics such as:

  • Understanding the basics of Rust and its use in automotive software.
  • Real-world examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of Rust in improving safety, performance and reliability in automotive systems.
  • Discussing best practices and strategies for integrating Rust into existing automotive development workflows.
  • Exploring the benefits and challenges of Rust within the automotive industry.


The panelists bring a wealth of experience and expertise in both Rust programming and automotive software development, ensuring a comprehensive and insightful discussion.

How can you meet CARIAD?

Thomas Fleischmann, our Head of Application Framework & IoT, will be one of the experts on the panel.

To learn more and register for the virtual event, visit the website: Rust: A game changer in automotive software development | Thoughtworks or the LinkedIn event: (25) Posten | LinkedIn  


See you on March 12th

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