PANDA Women Leadership Summit

Female empowerment, lively discussions and inspiring keynote speakers from leading women from several industries. Join us at the PANDA Women Leadership Summit in Frankfurt on September 20.

KAP Europa, Frankfurt am Main
Panda Summit 2024

What’s the event about?

The PANDA Women Leadership Summit 2024 is a pioneering event that aims to send a strong signal for equality in business and society. The events mission is to break down barriers and connect a broad community of female leaders, emerging talent, male supporters, collaborators and partners.

What can you expect?

Next to meeting several companies from different industries such as Automotive, Tech and other, you will have the opportunity to embark on a transformative journey at the Panda Women Leadership Summit, where innovation meets inspiration. Meet 700 other participants and join us for a day of dynamic discussions, thought-provoking presentations, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity as female industry leaders share insights into the latest trends and future landscapes.

The PANDA Women Leadership Summit is aimed at all women who are already in leadership roles or have a desire for leadership and aspire to take the next step

To get more information and explore the event please visit: Summit 2024 | PANDA (

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