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How multi brand UX collaboration works

From the basic version to the customized app in brand design: CARIAD is working to establish a generic design system for apps that brands can tailor to their individual needs and designs.

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Anyone who drives an Audi or Volkswagen usually also has the brand's associated app on their smartphone. This app is tailored to the customer needs of the respective brand and offers functions such as pre-air conditioning or monitoring of the charging process for e-vehicles. So that not every group brand has to develop the operation of new app features from scratch, the UX team at CARIAD designed the so-called Generic Design System (GDS). In this way, not only the developers at CARIAD and the brands benefit in the end, but above all the customer through group-wide coordinated UX standards.

What's behind the concept and design process

CARIAD and the brands work closely together on the app UX development: In an initial kick-off phase, the brands specify their needs and ideas for the customer journey. The UX team at CARIAD then develops an app concept with a first basic version. This version

is based on industry-wide standards and contains a corresponding set of functionalities. Feedback from the brands is then iteratively integrated into the concept - this creates a sustainable multi-brand concept that also enables a uniform technical basis for implementation. In the next step, the brands adapt the app designs to their own branding. This way the brand apps are based on the same architecture, they look different in terms of branding and thus adapt to the interior and look of the interface of the respective car. For example, the brands can individually select the font and font shape, adapt the map layout and insert specific branding elements.

Thanks to functionalities programmed in advance by CARIAD, the implementation and maintenance of the app features can be made more efficient. At the same time, they have enough flexibility so that brand wishes and customer requirements can be integrated and individually implemented.


It's all about scaling and reusability - with the Generic Design System, we implement the front ends of our services for multiple brands, while enabling a specific look and feel for the brands and their customers. This way, we reduce time to market and work extremely cost-efficiently.

Michel Bensel

Michel Bensel

Vice President and Head of Digital Business & Mobility Services

Further apps based on the CARIAD App Toolkit planned

The development of so-called "UX Platform Products" is a decisive factor for CARIAD's ability to deliver - especially because the products can be experienced directly by the customer. Sönke Petersen, part of the UX-Production team: "Further app functions based on CARIAD's Generic Design System will also go live before the customer over the next year."

In parallel, the CARIAD Generic Design System is also being developed for vehicle infotainment and web applications.

CARIAD Media Team

CARIAD Media Team