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How to bring your app into Volkswagen Group vehicles

The Group Application Store seamlessly integrates popular and useful Android Automotive apps into the infotainment system. Learn how your app can become part of the ecosystem of one of the biggest vehicle fleets worldwide.

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The Group Application Store seamlessly connects the car to the driver’s digital world. Popular and useful apps are directly integrated in the infotainment system, with no phone needed. The platform is based on Android Automotive OS (AAOS) and enables a constantly growing ecosystem in and around the car, as well as market-specific offerings. This opens new possibilities for developers to join the automotive ecosystem.

For the application store, CARIAD has teamed up with HARMAN, an automotive electronics technology company focused on designing consumer experiences at automotive grade. The application store integrates with the HARMAN Ignite Store, a solution for automotive infotainment systems, which allows the Volkswagen Group brands to maintain control of 3rd party content, the user experience and the primary relationship with the end user.

Depending on the market, more than 70 apps across key industries are already part of the ecosystem ranging from Spotify, Zoom, Legible, Yelp, TikTok or WebEx. How can your app become part of the ecosystem? 

How CARIAD and HARMAN support developers

Kicking off the process to join the automotive ecosystem of the Volkswagen Group is simple and starts with registering via the contact form to get access to the developer portal.

Once onboarded, developers have two main tools at their disposal during the development process: the developer console as well as an automotive emulator. The emulator simulates the vehicle's infotainment system to assist testing during the development process. The developer console allows developers to upload and configure the app, including accompanying metadata such as description, availability in different markets and vehicle types. Updates are also managed via this portal and it offers additional information on how to build an app for the automotive use case.

Before the app is made available to drivers, it is thoroughly tested. First, security and functionality tests are conducted. Second, the apps are tested on reference hardware such as test benches and cars. This comprehensive process ensures that the app is secure, functional and delivers a seamless user experience .

Developers benefit from a clear and smooth release process – The Group Application Store uses AAOS standards, which enable developers to enter automotive as a new distribution channel and create a stand-out and personalized driver experience. With more apps being added to the store, this also ensures that end users remain engaged and the offering remains attractive and innovative for customers of the Volkswagen Group brands.  

The Group Application Store is already available in selected Audi models and will also come to vehicles based on the new E3 1.2 electronics architecture, first launching with the Audi Q6 e-tron and all-electric Porsche Macan.

CARIAD Media Team

CARIAD Media Team