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Car.Software Organisation. No matter who I’ve talked to over the past few months, people have kept asking me: “Are you keeping this name?”

That company name sounds a whole lot like how cars used to be built. Following a fixed structure. The name simply describes what's inside. It’s unemotional.

Car. software. And an organisation.

We are one of the main levers in Volkswagen Group’s transformation into a software-enabled mobility provider. And it’s very clear to us that this working title doesn’t reflect the enormous transformation that lies ahead of us.

In our thinking, we have to get away from normal cars. Away from software as it is in today's cars. And away from rigid organizational structures.

But the transformation needs to start with us. We need to transform ourselves. From a small start-up project to one of the most important transformation endeavors in the coming years. From an organization to a brand.

The automotive industry is in disruption. Digitalization, automation and electrification are transforming the automotive customer experience massively. We are developing the solutions and products that will turn the car into a smart companion to accompany customers into the future, even years later, with continuous updates and digital features that are always fresh.

Our new name embodies exactly that. It stands for a new zeitgeist: “CAR, I AM DIGITAL”. CARIAD.

10 million vehicles a year are waiting for us. We will shape the automotive experience. Around the world. For millions of people.

We are CARIAD. We transform automotive mobility.

Dirk Hilgenberg

Dirk Hilgenberg