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We transform automotive mobility.

We believe that it is time to reshape the automotive experience for everyone, everywhere.

We are building the leading tech stack for the automotive industry to make automotive mobility safer, more sustainable and more comfortable in a new way. 

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We are an automotive software company that bundles together Volkswagen Group's software competencies and further expands them, building upon a heritage of bringing automotive innovation to everyone.

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Our solutions

We are building a unified technology and software platform, including a vehicle OS, vehicle cloud platform and a new unified architecture for all of Volkswagen Group’s brands.

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Latest News

  • CARIAD at Automobil Elektronik Kongress 2021
    Our mission to advance software-driven development
    Marius Asselmeyer, Head of Corporate Strategy & Process Model at CARIAD, taking responsibility for our mission to transform the Volkswagen Group into a software-enabled car company. At the recent Automobil Elektronik Kongress, he explained how CARIAD’s approach will meet shifting user demands.
  • How manly is your smartphone?
    How manly is your smartphone?
    Janina Mütze is founder and CEO of Civey. In her guest post, she talks about algorithm bias, how to overcome it and why we need to rediscover the mindset of Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper.
  • Five beliefs that characterize our data security culture
    Five beliefs that characterize our data security culture
    Data plays a key role in the development of connected vehicles – and it’s crucial that this data is secure. Last month, Miriam Gruber, Lead Security Architect at CARIAD, led our Automotive Security Month. In this article, she explains five beliefs that will bind this topic to our DNA in the future.