Unified Software

The software layer features VW.OS – our groundbreaking Volkswagen Operating System. It is constantly connected to our global Volkswagen Automotive Cloud VW.AC. Their interplay, the Big Loop, will keep the car always up-to-date with the newest features, applications, and functions-on-demand.

The Volkswagen Operating System

The Volkswagen Operating System is the software basis and coordinates everything. It will host and direct all types of applications within the vehicle – comparable to the OS in a smartphone. This makes updates and upgrades of features a breeze. VW.OS means more simplicity and more scalability. It enables new cloud related services by providing all in-vehicle data to the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud. And it empowers developers as our self-owned software platform. VW.OS will be released in 2025.

The Volkswagen Automotive Cloud

VW.AC provides a safe and scalable foundation for connected and autonomous vehicles. It will soon process data from millions of cars – surroundings, condition, battery-charging, service history, remote services, weather, and more.  VW.AC will accelerate innovation by providing valuable data insights. It will speed up testing, building, and deploying new ideas quickly and safely. And it will continuously deliver new value to our customers through understanding their needs. Launching in 2023, VW.AC will become the world’s largest automotive cloud.

The Big Loop

Our platform enables us to analyze real-time data from millions of cars on the road worldwide. We learn from that and develop new features and services tailored to our users’ needs. Then, we continuously update our fleet with these features over the air. This ongoing cycle is what we call the Big Loop.

Big Loop. Big advantages.

Electric vehicle services
Put your mind at ease when going on a long trip. See battery status and recommended charging stations.
Emergency services
Receive alerts about road hazards ahead. Get quick roadside assistance or emergency services.
Remote services
Use your phone to lock and unlock your car, start it, adjust the seats, and set the temperature you like.
Intelligent navigation and parking
Find a parking spot and automatically pay for parking. Forgot where you parked? You can remotely locate the car.
Maintenance and repair
Predict maintenance needs and automatically receive updates to fix them or seamlessly schedule repairs.
Fleet management
Monitor the health of your fleet. Simplify fleet management, system integration, vehicle tracking, and more.
Concierge services
Auto-pay for tolls. Order take-out with your voice. Get discounted insurance rates based on good behavior.
Software updates
Get the latest updates over the air and desired features on demand. Develop and customize your experience.
Data-driven development
Companies can harness big data to improve their offerings and deliver more value to customers.